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Director: Assoc. Prof., Dr. Thai Quang Vinh
1. Assoc. Prof., Dr. Luong Chi Mai
2. MSc. Nguyen Thi Le Thu
3.Dr. Nguyen Truong Thang


Founded under the Establishment Decision No 246/CP, dated December 27, 1976 with the name of Institute of Computer Science and Cybernetics (ICSC). ICSC was renamed to Institute of Informatics (IOI) in 1989. In 1993, IOI merged with Centre for Systems and Management, and Centre of Applied Mathematics into the Institute of Information Technology (IOIT). IOIT belongs to Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology (VAST).


The Institute has 200 staff members with 50 Dr. Sc. and Ph.D (20 out of them are Prof. and Assoc. Prof.), working in different research departments on informatics, mathematical aspects of informatics, automation and socio-economic management systems.


IOIT is a leading national center for research and development on Information Technology (IT) in Vietnam.

  • The computer desiged by Institute of Information TechnologyStudies of basic problems of informatics, mathematical and technical aspects of IT, application of IT in socio-economic systems and industrial manufacturing processes.
  • Design and development of IT products, especially software.
  • Application of IT in different sectors of the economy.
  • Technology transfer in the IT area.
  • Technical consulting in IT projects.
  • IT training for scientific researchers.


  • IOIT had designed and produced the first PC in Vietnam.
  • IOIT is a pioneer of deploying Internet in Vietnam and NetNam - the spin off company of IOIT is one of the first four Internet Service Providers (ISP).
  • IOIT is a leading research center for PhD program in Computer Science.
  • National Key Laboratory for Networking Technology and Multimedia – one of the two national key labs in IT – is located in the Institute.


In its R&D activities, IOIT has been conducting several national-level scientific projects. Many research papers written by IOIT staff have been published in leading computer science journals in Vietnam as well as in the world. The Institute has also sponsored, hosted and co-organized many International and National scientific conferences in ICT area. From 2001 to 2006, 25 books in IT were written by IOIT researchers and published, 211 articles and 328 scientific reports were presented in different National and International conferences / workshops on IT.

Experimental simulation software for science subject of the 5th grade
Scientific collaboration between IoIT and University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
IoIT has won the international contract on “Support to the Renovation of Education Management – SREMIS”
In 2007, IoIT joins the development of 3 portals TBT, SPS and WTO